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3 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using an Electric Skateboard

Vok Board Nov 25, 2022

You probably have already encountered a creativity block at some point in your life. And it’s a real bummer when that happens, right? So, how do you stimulate your creativity?

There are a ton of ways you can do that and the good thing is that anyone can boost and enhance their creative abilities. And what a better way to do that, then by doing something that makes you feel alive and free, something that feeds this inner sense of adventure that everyone feels?

To boost your creativity, nothing sounds better than having fun, doing something you truly love and enjoy. And in that, we are specialists. That’s why we created Vokboard. We believe in this idea and have built our Electric Skateboards to be a tool people use [besides a ton of other reasons] to have fun and enjoy themselves.

And, by chance, that is also the perfect recipe to get out of a creativity block. So, we decided to gather 4 ways you can use your Eskate to enhance and boost your creativity, check it out below.

  1. Ride in a street you never did before

It’s like when you're a tourist in a city you’ve never been before, and then, you go out to explore without a Map, and end up getting lost. Riding your Electric Skate in a road you’ve never been before it’s about that exact same feeling. That excitement mixed with butterflies in the stomach.

If you’re a journalist, a designer, an art teacher, an actor - imagine yourself taking a break on whatever you’re doing where you’re feeling that lack of creativity, leaving everything behind to go somewhere you’ve never been before, and explore. Or you have, but never with your Electric Skate. 

This feeling of exploring a new place, not knowing exactly what’s coming, but going anyway. That fear mixed with excitement of the unknown. Add that to being able to move super fast, agile and flow through this unexplored path.

When you come back from this experience, it’s guaranteed you’ll have hundreds of ideas running on your head, with your creativity boosted from the ride with your Eskate.


  1. Meet new people while riding your Eskate around

That’s probably one of the best things that comes along when you enter the Eskate world - there’s a whole community of people that you’re suddenly introduced to. One of the main reasons it’s because the Eskate makes you go outside.

Even better, it makes you want to go outside, makes you feel grounded and also, gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with new people. It’s an open door to a whole new community of people that share with you the same feeling of having the Eskate experience, hobby and passion.

Nothing better to enhance your creative ideas, then to meet new people. You have, then, this opportunity to talk to different people, hear different stories and immediately get inspired. It forces you to get out of your own head, and sometimes, out of the same circles of people that can be imprisoning your own ideas.

  1. Explore velocity and boost your adrenaline

    The act of creating itself is easy. So easy it's ridiculous. The whole problem is around the process. There are so many potentially destabilizing aspects of our emotional state, so many threatening variables to our psyche that it is impossible to imagine a kind of manual that softens the aggressive effects of a rejected idea. 

But yes, there are ways to do that. Experiencing Speed and Adrenaline is one way to do it, for sure. It’s known that every creative person is “addicted” to dopamine and adrenaline. So, that made riding an Electric Skateboard a very beneficial activity to boost your creativity.

Just give it a break at whatever you're trying to do or create, and just go outside. Grab your Eskate, your gear, dress your Helmet, and go have fun.

All of these feelings of freedom, adventurousness, low gravity, velocity, excitement, relaxation. They are the key to build whatever you wanna build, to create the reality you desire for yourself. 

Eskate is the key. Check out the ones we, from Vokboard, very passionately built so you can unleash your imagination by going wherever you want and feeling free.

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Editor: Nadine




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