5 Reasons why an E-board is the best commute vehicle for College Students
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5 Reasons why an E-board is the best commute vehicle for College Students

Vok Board Dec 22, 2022

There are a lot of people that already use Electric Skateboards to get from point A to point B as an alternative to walking or driving their cars. These super cool vehicles are designed to help you get to places more efficiently, while also reducing your carbon footprint, not to mention it is extremely fun.  

Well, in this way, an e-board is perfect for students, since they need to move around campus and get to a lot of places because of their studies. Vokboard’s electric skateboards are committed to making student’s lives easier, happier as we created a practical vehicle around the world, a commuting tool. 

In this way, let’s check some reasons on why you should definitely think about buying an e-board this vacation, so you can return to college next year, in your new and fun Electric Skate.

1. Easy to use

Vokboard eSkates have a remote that controls the speed from the board, and also can activate the brakes. So, you just have to hop on it, and the board will do the rest.

These boards have the potential to be one of the most convenient ways to get around, especially in cities like LA or New York where traffic is congested or parking spaces are very few.

Furthermore, Vokboard has models that are perfect for beginners, since they are adaptable and very easy to ride.

2. Environmental friendly

Ever since their inception in the 1950s, skateboards have come a long way to be the urban phenom they are today. From a simple recreational activity to a sport and now a reliable way to commute in the city, there is no denying that the electric skateboarding bandwagon continues to grow by the day.

And one of the most important characteristics of this Commuting Vehicle is that, since it’s electric, it produces zero emissions and requires little maintenance (you don't need any gas).

3. Easy to carry

An Electric Skate is very easy to carry since it’s not heavy at all. Picking up a board is possible and easy with the right handle, but smart e-skaters can avoid having to carry the board with their hands in the first place. 

Riders can generally either purchase a carrying backpack or a deck hook for their electric skateboard. These options aren’t necessarily expensive, but high-end backpacks and hooks can become pretty costly. Still, it might be a more effective way for some riders to transport their boards than simply picking it up by the handle and moving it.  

4. Fun and thrilling

Commuting is something we all have to go through, because we all have to be places. Especially in college, where we always have something to do, somewhere else. 

So, why not make the commuting a very fun, adventurous and thrilling experience? Well, getting around places on an e-board can be quite exciting. 

That was actually one of the reasons we decided to create Vokboard, we believe people should experience fun and joy everyday, and whenever they want it - and what better way to do it, then with an Electric Skateboard?

5. Practical and Agile

We know how busy the life of a student can be. Books to read, assessments to do, articles to write, classes to attend, people to meet, places to go… In this crazy routine, I’m sure commuting can sometimes be a headache. If you don’t drive, don’t have a car, don’t have someone to give you a lift, the traffic is bad.

But, when you are an e-rider, all of these concerns, they’re not yours. With an Electric Skateboard, you can easily and effectively move around town, go to all the places you got to go, and you don’t have to be late anymore.

With an e-board, you become more independent, free of things like traffic, are eco friendly, and overall, are just a more fun person.

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