6 Tips to Ride an Electric Skateboard Smoothly and Safe
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6 Tips to Ride an Electric Skateboard Smoothly and Safe

Vok Board Dec 03, 2022

Here at Vokboard, when it comes to building our Electric Skateboards, we always think in every detail that we could improve on our boards so the experience of riding is even more fun and enjoyable, and also, how to make it smoother to ride.

But, the board is just one part of the whole experience, actually. The other part involves a lot of other details that depend on the rider. The way and where to ride an e-board impacts a lot on how enjoyable the ride will be. Thinking about this, we collected and will share with you 6 super cool tips that will enhance even more the experience of riding an Electric Keyboard.

1- Relax your body

For many beginners, because of the lack of experience, when riding eskates for the first time there is a great chance they will be nervous and tense. That is completely normal and most of the time, they’re not even aware about this. But that’s why this is a good tip. 

To ride the eskate smoothly, you need to be aware of your body and try to relax it. The more relaxed, more flexible and easier it will be to ride the e-board.

If you're stiff and tense, it’ll be harder to control the weight on top of the eskate, and it’s even more easy for you to fall. 

2- Wear a freaking helmet!

That’s pretty self explanatory, but as a beginner rider (and even advanced riders) you should definitely be wearing protective gear, specially the helmet. 

Helmets are the most important protective gear you can have. When riding an e-board, it can happen that you have a road rash, but it will heal. It might even happen to have a broken bone, but it can be fixed.

Head injuries, though, are no joke. So, be wise, and get yourself one and wear it before every ride. Even if it is a very quick ride. Tip: the best helmets are hard foam helmets. 

3 - Be in tune with your board before going high speeds

That is a high-value tip, that’s for sure. Actually, it is very important to get to know your e-board very well before riding it.

Even more when you plan to elevate the level of adventure and adrenaline by enhancing the speed. It is crucial that you have confidence in your board, that you are very well in tune with it, before exploring going at high speeds.

Otherwise, the chance of you getting in trouble is 3x higher. So,  if you didn’t manage to master your fellow board yet, do it before accelerating too much.

4 - Lean forward when accelerating, lean backwards when breaking

Eskates can accelerate pretty fast, and when that happens, the force will push you backwards. 

Be prepared for this by leaning forward when pressing the accelerator, this way it’ll be easier to keep you balanced. 

Also, don't forget about your back foot. You will need to stabilize yourself with your back foot while also leaning forward. It is exactly your back foot that will stop you from falling backwards, while your front foot controls the steering. 

When breaking, especially when you go hard for it, you have to prepare your body by leaning back and applying pressure to your front foot, which will hold you in place. Before breaking, make sure you are ready for the forwarding force - prepare to hold yourself back with your front foot.

5 - Find your stance

Snowboard, skateboard, surf… if you ever tried those before, you already have your stance. Stance is the way you position your feet on the board, and you also have to have that to ride an Eskate.

If you haven’t, this is something important you have to do. Find the stance you’re comfortable with. There are two main stances: regular and goofy. Regular is when you put your left foot forward toward the board’s nose. Goofy is when you lead with your right foot. Because most people are right-handed, leading with the left foot forward is common. 

6 - Keep your eyes up

It is normal, when you’re riding, to be looking down at your feet. Specially to people who already skate, it is common to look at the obstacle you are trying to overcome. With an Electric Board, though, you need to constantly be scanning the road/path in front of you for anything that might be in the way. The sooner you can spot an obstacle the more time you have to avoid it. 

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