After all, how safe is it to ride an Electric Skateboard? Tips to ride safely
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After all, how safe is it to ride an Electric Skateboard? Tips to ride safely

Vok Board Nov 30, 2022

Riding an Electric Skateboard is for sure a total fun, not to mention that traveling on skateboards is not only easy and economical, but it’s also an eco-friendly transportation method. 

But [and there is always a but], it can be dangerous, if not used responsibly. Electric or not, safety is a major concern when it comes to skateboards. For this reason, since we, from Vokboard, care deeply for our fellow eSkaters, we created this guide for you riders - no matter how pro you are.

  1. Learn about your e-board

That’s the first step and smarter thing you could do when beginning your trajectory into the e-board world, but even when you get a new board. Nowadays, the market is full with an enormous variety of different kind of Electric Skateboards, and with their own specificities of working, building and technical characteristics.

Knowing your Eskate materials, sizes, limits, battery, remote… All of these are the basics for you to create a trusting relationship with the board. This way you will be able to make better decisions when you go riding in your Electric Skateboard

  1. Wear your gear!

Of course the helmet is indispensable and the most important item of all the gear you have to use to ride and e-board safely. You have to wear them, always, there is no excuse. There is not much to say about this. 

The effectiveness of a helmet is controversial and a lot of research has been done to measure if a helmet protects the brain from injury during an accident. But it’s been proven that in low impact collisions, such as those that are more likely to occur when riding an Electric Skateboard, a helmet is very effective in preventing brain injury.

Also, there are other types of gear you could use to protect yourself from injuries. We highly recommend you wear protective clothing like elbow and knee padding and a good set of gloves. This extra cushioned layer prevents road rash because of sliding on pavement or sidewalks.

Usually, when a person falls while riding an eSkate, the joints are the most common area to get injured, leading to bone breakage or dislocations. Pads are a way of minimizing the risk of such events.

  1. What not to do?

One way to ride an Electric Skateboard safely is to understand how accidents usually happen. After all, we got to learn from other riders' mistakes. So, check it out this list of given conditions that an accident is more likely to happen (so you can avoid it):

  • Rough or irregular terrain - This a really huge issue all riders must care for. The place to ride the Electric Skateboard must be well chosen. Bumps, debris, and cracks can all be serious obstacles for riders. Smooth, even terrain is always ideal.
  • Too much traffic - When riding an e-board, there are a lot of things you must pay attention to, regarding your ride. So, to do it in a place full of people, vehicles, animals and even other riders, can be quite distracting and have a very high potential of causing an accident. Prioritize places with less traffic.
  • Ride beyond the skill level - A lot of beginners cannot judge their riding skills properly. An e-board can accelerate very fast and can achieve speeds that only serious downhill longboarders achieve. Without enough practice and skills, it’s very hard [and can be really dangerous] to ride a powerful machine like an electric skateboard.
  • Riding on wet surfaces - When the streets and roads are wet they are very slippery. It is not a good idea to go for a ride if the streets are wet. Making turns is more dangerous and the braking distance will increase dramatically. Especially if you’re a beginner, avoid riding in wet conditions.
  • Riding too fast - If you fall, the higher the speed, the higher your injuries will be - the consequences are not worth the adrenaline from the speed. To do it, you must have experience, must be confident and also, wear all of your protective gear. Excess speeds are more likely to lead to a crash. The rider has less time to react. If you double your velocity your stopping distance will be tripled. Also, be hyper alert to downhills, use your breaks.
  • Not seeing or not being seen - This is a very serious topic, and the main cause in many eSkaters accidents. Riding in a place where you don’t have enough of a view of what’s coming ahead is very dangerous and must be avoided. Also, it’s important to make sure you are being seen by others, especially at night.

When it comes to riding an e-board safely,  the best thing you can do is: don’t do anything you’re not confident in doing. You have to know how to ride it, where to ride it and also, what are the circumstances.

If it’s night already, you cannot see properly, it's raining and the streets are mad with traffic and people, maybe it’s not time to go out for a ride.

But, if the conditions are good, go for it. As much as you want! The thing is to be aware of the situation as well as your own capabilities and you shouldn’t have a problem riding your electric skateboard.

Be safe out there! 

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