Let's e-skate more in 2023?
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Let's e-skate more in 2023?

Vok Board Jan 05, 2023

First of all, we from Vokboard want to wish you and your family an amazing year. Let this year be of much success, lots of Electric Skate rides, much adventure, lots of health and love.

The year 2023 has begun. Now, you are enjoying your vacations and that’s a wonderful time to enjoy going on fun rides with your Electric Skateboard. But, soon, the realities of work, school, and time itself will be returning. You may have a list of goals for this new year that you vow to accomplish. However, even these might occasionally seem like duties.

But we believe that at least one resolution is always worthwhile: e-skating more. That could imply a variety of things to you. But if you make it easy, it won't feel like a hassle to maintain, and you'll continue to fall in love with eskating year after year.

Stop what you’re doing and go for a ride with your Electric Skate

Taking pauses works wonders, according to many studies, whether it's for wellbeing, productivity, or to overcome writer's block. It also demonstrates the importance of motion. Walking is beneficial. But we believe that e-skating is a better break. The daily skate break is something we really support here at Vokboard.

It's far too simple to let the day pass by, intending to take a break, but failing to follow through. Make sure you get outside and onto a board, and set a reminder or put it on your calendar.

Going for a ride with your e-board can be done practically anyplace if you use your imagination, which is one of its best features. You have a lot of benefits from eskating whether you're eskating in a parking lot, a garage, across campus, down the street, or down the driveway.

Riding your Electric Skateboard is a tried-and-true method to slow down time and enjoy a mental vacation wherever you are, even if only for a little while. In conclusion, we wager that you'll have more vigor, creativity, a changed outlook, and a better attitude.

Commute with your Electric Skateboard

Rethinking your mode of transportation is another option to get in your daily eskate. Riding your e-board to work or school can serve as the ideal day's bookends. You'll spend less money, reduce emissions, and have a happier day as a result.

Yes, not everyone is able to eskate to the areas they need to go from their home. You could always try to park a bit further or get off public transportation a few stops earlier and eskate the final mile or so even if you can't manage your full commute on your board.

You can travel farther and with less effort by using an electric skateboard. You may relax and take in the scenery while traveling, feeling and looking good when you get there.

Find yourself an e-Skate crew (or partner)

Although there is nothing odd with a solitary eskate session, there are several benefits to riding with a friend (or a crew). You may have more fun, hold each other accountable, and encourage one another by skating with a partner.

Did you ever have a go-to ride or die yet? Maybe this is the year you start a meetup or teach someone else to skate.

Ride your Electric Skate safer

Make safety your first priority this year to ensure that you can continue riding for many more years. You can skate farther if you can eskate more safely.

That does entail donning a helmet . Every year, it gets progressively colder. Don't stop there though. Increase the frequency with which you wear your padded attire. particularly when speed is a factor.

Stretching more before and after sessions is an additional vital habit you might adopt this year. These seemingly insignificant details, however, can significantly impact the manifestation of a year without injuries.

Make a new e-skating resolution

Not all people make goals and resolutions on January 1st. They are easily made at any moment. Decide on your goals and find ways to keep motivated. 

Because riding an e-board makes you feel younger and makes life easier, even though another year may have passed. Electric Skateboarding will continue to exist in 2023, no matter what comes our way.

Happy New Years! ✨

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