Reasons why you should definitely ride your Electric Skateboard to work
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Reasons why you should definitely ride your Electric Skateboard to work

Vok Board Jan 31, 2023

“I can't e-skateboard to work since I have to maintain a professional appearance the entire day.” - Well, ride it in your suit, then. Why not?

We can guarantee you - many of Vokboard's employees commute by eSkate and don't arrive at work looking as if they had finished a marathon - if we can do it, you can do it.

But, why use it to commute to work?

Electric Skates are extremely convenient

They are light enough to carry in your hands and compact enough to fit in the trunk of a car. E-bikes are large, heavy, and subject to ever-tighter regulations. E-scooters and bikes have that in common. Although they have greater ranges, they sacrifice performance for weight reduction, and they are not suitable for those who reside in second-story homes. 

Self-balancing boards are common, but if you want pure performance, electric skateboards will be inherently more dependable. The rider of an electric skateboard doesn't need any more power to maintain neutral posture.

Use this moment to take a look around and enjoy your surroundings

Try driving a vehicle while not paying attention to the road. Trying to crane your neck to see that cool object you're distracted by will probably be difficult for you. The experience is completely different while using an E-board. 

An electric skateboard is ideal for riding during your normal routine with ease because it can be stopped at any time, can be easily turned around, and has a great riding experience overall. Parking, navigating unfamiliar streets, and any other concerns you might have when driving a car, are not issues with an Esk8. Just easily travel where you want to.

And, above all of this, driving to work can be other than just an usual and boring activity, to be actually a fun, adventurous and joyful moment in your day to day life.

Add speed to your routine

Some of our fastest electric skateboards can travel at speeds like 40 km/h, which means they can spice up your daily routine considerably more.

For reference, Electric Skateboards can also provide a faster and safer journey than conventional skateboards. With this, your users can get where they're going quickly and in style!

Of course, eSkates have speed limiters so that users can maintain control even at these high speeds. So you may adjust your speed as necessary to provide you with additional protection and the freedom to explore without worry.

You can combine the electric ride with other modes of transport

It’s ok if sometimes you have to put the Electric Skateboard away and use a different kind of transportation to get to work.

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing an electric longboard for transportation is that you can take it almost anywhere: on the bus, on the train, over your shoulder, in a bag, etc.

Get even more fit

Riding your Electric Skateboard can actually be an improvement to your workouts.

Did you know that, depending on how you use the equipment, electric skateboards can also be a fantastic source of physical activity and exercise?

This is due to the fact that skating requires a lot of core and leg muscles to maintain balance and ensure an intense range of motion. Additionally, it has been witnessed that riding your e-skate is a way to:

- Burn calories; 

- Maintain good physical health; 

- Develop physical stamina; 

- Sharpen your motions; 

- Boost flexibility.

Have you ever considered attaining all of this while having a good time? And even better, while you commute to work? Well, now you can do it.

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