Tips on How to do the Maintenance of your Electric Skateboard
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Tips on How to do the Maintenance of your Electric Skateboard

Vok Board Jan 11, 2023

The amount of young adults riding electric skateboards is going high these days, especially in urban areas. In addition to being used for fun, it has also been used as a different form of transportation. Without a question, using an electric skateboard for transportation offers efficiency and convenience because you can avoid getting stopped in traffic.

However, you, as a rider, need to make an effort when it comes to cleaning and maintaining it in order to preserve its quality at its best. By doing this, rather than losing durability and longevity, the system as a whole improves. 

You probably understand how wonderful it is when your board reacts perfectly to your motions. Your whole skating experience and look will be impacted by a dirty e-board. Additionally, dirty grip tape might cause you to slip and lose your balance while riding, and dirt and mud in your electric skateboard's bearings can prevent the wheels from turning. 

Therefore, understanding how to clean skateboard grip tape, trucks, wheels, and bearings is crucial for your safety as well as aesthetics. Learn how to properly clean and maintain your skateboard by reading on!

Always clean your eSkate, specially after a ride

Since it has been used on roadways, your electric skateboard will gather dust, water, or filth after each ride. Your electric longboard will inevitably get dirty when you ride it. The quality of the board's ride will be compromised if it is left in that state for an extended period of time. It might potentially affect the skateboard's battery life and increase the risk of bearing failure. So that your skateboard wheels roll easily and you may enjoy the smoothest ride possible, it is crucial that you clean the bearings frequently.

After each ride, we advise cleaning your electric skateboard. Use a slightly moist or microfiber cloth to wipe down the grip tape, skateboard deck, and any other smooth surface to clean the board of dirt and dust. 

Additionally, it's critical to ensure that no water enters the wheel bearings because water and electronics typically don't get along. The bearings may develop flaws due to water, in which case you would need to replace them. If you hear the bearings making a scraping sound, this is what is happening.

Spin the wheels regularly

The driving wheels of an e-board are likely to wear out the fastest because they are always in contact with the ground. Therefore, it is a good idea to rotate the wheels occasionally, especially while the electric skate is not in use.


The most expensive component of your electric skateboard is the battery. Therefore, you should be careful when cleaning. First, take the electric skateboard's battery out. In order to remove any moisture that may have developed within the battery, put it into a bag of rice after that. Additionally, dry-powder gas can be used to get rid of moisture in the skateboard's lithium-ion battery compartment. To avoid condensation, try to keep the battery between 10 and 30 °C.

Make sure to not overcharge your battery. Do not leave the e-board on charge for long periods of time as it will overcharge the battery, and later lead to damages to the battery’s cells and shorten its longevity.

Also, Your electric skateboard's performance may suffer if the batteries are left to discharge. It might occasionally fail to function at all. Therefore, it would be ideal to keep your electric skateboards' batteries charged even if you aren't using them for a while to prevent damage or future problems.

Check Drive Belt

Getting something jammed between the drive belt and gear on an electric skateboard is a common reason for damage or wear to the belt. Therefore, it is imperative that you always check your belt before a ride. We also advise taking a brief look at the belt to check for any unusual wear after each ride. This can be accomplished by spinning the wheels, which will spin the belt.

By doing routine inspections and cleanings, you may quickly identify the source of wear and eliminate it. In this way, you can avoid permanently ruining the drive belt and having to replace it.

Use lubricating oils

This is helpful for keeping your electric skateboard's bearings in good condition. To make sure there is no water inside the bearings, routine inspections are necessary. It is one of the reasons for scraping noises and has an impact on how well the wheels work. Therefore, it is more cost-effective to purchase and utilize maintenance oil to ensure your bearings endure a long period if you don't want to spend extra money on bearing replacement.

Storage your board correctly

Always keep your e-board dry and at normal temperature. Never leave a lithium battery in a hot environment, such as the sun or a hot car, as they do not tolerate high temperatures well. preferably in a dim area like a closet or garage.

Charge the battery to a 40–50% capacity before storing your board away if you won't be using it frequently. Do not forget to place it in an area that is always at room temperature!

If you adhere to these suggestions, your electric skateboard will ride perfectly and last for many years.


This is another important element that requires routine maintenance. Take your trucks off the board first to preserve them in good shape. Next, thoroughly clean all of the filth on the inside and exterior of them using some cleaning solutions.

Use a steel brush to completely remove any rust if there is any. Additionally, you can swap out old bolts and nuts for new ones. Before applying oil to trucks, you should give them a thorough cleaning because salt and rains promote rust.

Inspect and manage motors

You improve performance and extend the life of your motors, make sure to clean them frequently. We advise cleaning them after each ride if you like to ride in more challenging environments or terrains.

The major reason we need to clean motors is that salt and rainfall cause them to rust. You should remove the motor's screws first, then use a wrench or socket wrench to open it. You must now use cleaning chemicals to remove all of the filth inside. Use a steel brush to remove any rust (such as iron) if you come across any.

Always give your motor a once-over before and after each ride. Verify if it’s is free of dirt and debris and that it is not making any odd noises.

Additionally, if the motors overheat while you are riding, wait until they have had a chance to cool off before continuing.

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