Winter time: Tips to ride and store your Electric Skateboard
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Winter time: Tips to ride and store your Electric Skateboard

Vok Board Dec 08, 2022

Winter is coming, already said Jon Snow and a few northerns from Game of Thrones. Well, it is already here, actually, and we prepared a few tips for you to ride and store your Electric Skateboard correctly during cold weathers.

In many places of the world, the weather tends to be very cold, snowy and wet at this time of the year. Although winter is awesome and perfect for the Holidays season, for e-skaters, it may not be the best weather.

There are a few details Electric riders must be aware of when riding, because winter it’s not the most favorable weather to use your e-skate. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t, you just need to take extra care.

Also, there are some helpful tips for you to store your Electric Skate correctly, so you can use it more during the warmer seasons. Check out the tips we, from Vokboard, have prepared for you.

Dress up and get warm

If you decide to go out for a ride when it’s cold, make sure to dress up appropriately. This is one of, if not the Best Electric Skateboard tip during winter.

We cannot forget this is not a normal skate, so you won’t move your body enough to get warmer. In fact, the wind will freeze you. This being said, when you’re cold, you get stiff and tense. And, for riding an e board, this is no good.

For this matter, make sure to dress yourself appropriately for the weather outside - put on extra layers when you are riding, such as wearing thermal underwear, layered jackets, non wind permeable cloths, etc. Be prepared, dude!

Battery will last less time during Winter

This is definitely something to be prepared for. Know that your battery range will be dramatically lower in cold temperatures then how it is in warmer weather.

It happens because lowering the ambient temperature causes chemical reactions that proceed more slowly than at a higher temperature.

This being said, you need to charge the battery of your Eskate fully before leaving for an electric ride in winter time.

Besides, you also can extend your battery’s range by reducing your stop and accelerate frequency on your riding. Slower acceleration also will do a big help to prolong the electric skateboard battery range.

Take extra care with snowy and wet ground

We have to make it clear that those are not the best conditions to ride your e-board. But, in case you do decide to do it, or if you actually need it, because that’s the way you move around town, it is important to care about the surface.

In the case of wet and snowy surfaces, it is important to know that it takes a longer time to break your eskate. You end up covering more distance before braking, which contributes to less grip for braking when there is a water layer between the wheels and the road. 

So it’s important to take extra care and try to avoid too high velocities . Also, pay attention to the ground conditions ahead of you while riding. Maintain a wide stance that favors the back of the board, ride what you can and skip what you can't.

How to store it properly?

Most riders choose to store their Electric Skateboards during the cold season and wait for warmer weather to use it again. In this case, there are a few things you must pay attention to, in order to not damage your E-board.

The first thing is that you need to store your e-board at room temperature and find a dry place to avoid moisture. Also, it is important to turn on the board every few weeks and let the wheels turn for a few minutes to exercise the battery.

Since we’re talking about batteries, don't store the board with a fully charged battery. In order to avoid battery discharge and ensure battery longevity, we recommend charging your electric skateboard from time to time and keeping the battery level in the range of 40%-60%.

And don’t forget to attach your remote control along with your eskate, so you don’t have to be looking for it whenever you ride it again.

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