Top-quality skateboard

Vokboard since 2018, has been transforming the electric skateboard industry. Our vision is "Your First Board", symbolizing our mission to be the top choice for skate enthusiasts.Our skateboards are known for two things: outstanding performance and exceptionally long battery life. Join the Vokboard revolution for a superior, enduring ride.

We currently have two series of products, from your first beginner electric skateboard to high-kinetic ones that pursue performance, they all can meet your needs very well.

We ship the boards to overseas warehouses in various countries/regions and bring the boards to you through our direct sales. So that you can pay less for very cost-effective electric skateboards, while receiving the goods in the shortest time. Our prompt and professional customer service will also bring you an outstanding shopping experience, getting the board to your door and riding it will be so enjoyable!

Now many people worldwide are using Vokboard products to let their imaginations fly, change the way of travel and have more fun.

5 Years In The Making

50000+ Active Riders

23,584,763 Miles Riden

20,682,579 lbs CO₂ Emissions Saved