Capability Maximum speed 46km/h(28miles/h)
Endurance 30-35km(18-22miles)
Max load 120KG(265lbs)
Board Material 7 layers of Canadian Maple+1 layer of Bamboo
Battery Capacity 8.0AH (Cell Brand: LoreStar)
Standard 288Wh
Charging time 4-5 hours
Voltage 36V-42V
Motor Type 90mm Hub Motor
Power 600W*2
Wheel Material PU
Size 90mm
Charger Voltage 42V
Input 2A 100-240V
Output 42V 2A
Package N.W. 6.8KG(15lbs)
G.W. 8.3KG(18lbs)
Deck size 37.5"*9.0"*4.9"(950*230*125mm)
Package size 1010*360*160mm

5 Years In The Making

50000+ Active Riders

23,584,763 Miles Riden

20,682,579 lbs CO₂ Emissions Saved