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Vokboard Riot Electric Skateboard Longboard Standard Version (Hub)

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  • 18-22 Miles Range(30-35km), Great For Daily Commuting

  • 28 MPH Top Speed(46 km/h), Fastest Among All Longboards

  • Four Modes Of Speed, From Entry-Level To Master

  • Adjustable Brake, Safe and Intuitive

  • Ergonomic Remote With Informative Screen Display

  • High-Quality Deck For Comfortable Ride

  • Flexible Yet Stable Truck Designed For Cruising And Carving

  • 6 Months Warranty

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Your First Board


Our 288Wh battery with 21700 cells delivers a remarkable maximum range of 18-22Miles/ 30-35km, providing the freedom to travel to any destination.

Exceptional Acceleration

With Dual 600W Motors, you can have the best acceleration in its class.

Outstanding Top Speed

The Riot is the fastest among Hub long board models, perfect for those who love to ride at high speeds on smooth roads. With a top speed of 28mph/ 46km/h (155lbs/69kg, 3rd gear mostly, flat road), you can enjoy riding with the wind. 

The 3rd gear provides maximum speed, and the 4th gear has an extra kick at the start. It is important to tighten the trucks before attempting high speeds. 


Riding on urban roads can be tough, With four brake modes available, the second mode is suitable for most riders, while the fourth mode is ideal for those who ride at higher speeds and prioritize safety. For extra safety measures, when the board is fully stopped for three seconds, pulling the remote backward provides an extra pulling strength to ensure that the board doesn't move at all. Ride with peace of mind and stop with confidence with our adjustable brake system. 

Ergonomic Remote with Intuitive Control

All the buttons are within your touch, and the screen shows every info you need.


The deck is designed to provide maximum comfort for slightly heavier riders with 7 layers of maple wood and 1 layer of bamboo. It is neither too soft nor too stiff and is a complete flat deck, ensuring maximum comfort going through bumps and cracks.

Flexible Yet Stable Truck

Forged truck provides great control on any road.

Enjoy Riding Around Your City

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