Here’s 5 tips to avoid danger while riding an Electric Skateboard
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Here’s 5 tips to avoid danger while riding an Electric Skateboard

Vok Board Jun 17, 2023

One of the most wonderful experiences in the world is riding down a long coastal road with the wind rushing over your entire body and making your hair fly out..

That’s exactly the reason why Electric Skateboarding is a lot of fun, and it's simple to just jump on one and start eskating, but this has to be done in a responsible way, knowing that if you don’t follow some simple tips, you could be putting yourself in danger. 

That’s why, when it comes to Electric Skateboards, safety must always come first, and for that, it is also important to have the knowledge of all situations that could put you in danger while riding your e-board.

Are Electric Skateboards dangerous?

People tend to concentrate more or less on the additional power that Electric Skateboards have when discussing safety.

This means that even the most inexperienced riders can travel quickly - and occasionally too quickly - on Electric Skateboards. It is also more difficult to keep control when someone is moving too quickly. Which is why, if a new rider didn't know what they were doing, it would be quite simple for them to go in over their head or have an accident.

And that’s where a lot of Eskate safety concerns come from: new riders get too confident or go too fast too soon and then end up in dangerous situations. 

But even experienced riders can end up face down on the pavement. Unexpected board malfunctions, sudden shifts in traffic, and just pure chance can all lead to an accident.

All of that being said though, using an electric skateboard is really no different than using any other modern piece of equipment. Yes, they require some extra skill and common sense to use but once you know what you’re doing, it’s no more dangerous than any other activity.

1- Be extra careful with speed 

Speed is definitely the main reason why a lot of people are interested in Electric Skateboarding. This is because an e-board works differently from a normal skate, especially when it comes to speed.

But, with the fun and the adrenaline, comes the risk. This is specially for the new riders, but this doesn't mean more experienced riders don’t have to take care with high-speeds too. When you are going too fast, it becomes a lot harder to keep track of terrain and obstacles you face while riding.

Also, if some accident happens, the consequence will always be harder if you’re going full speed.

So, in case you don’t know the terrain pretty well, there is no enough lighting or you’re not familiar enough with your Electric Skate, try controlling your speed and ride safe, until your confident enough to do faster.

This tip will save you from a lot of trouble and accidents.

2- Always pay attention to the maintenance of your board

The best way to maintain its quality is for you, the rider, to put some work into cleaning and maintaining your Electric Skateboard. By doing this, the system as a whole gets better as opposed to losing resilience and longevity.

And, more importantly, when you do the maintenance of your board, your ride is a thousand times safer.

Here’s a few tips, but to know more about it, make sure you check our latest article “Tips on How to do the Maintenance of your Electric Skateboard”.

- Always clean your eSkate, specially after a ride;

- Spin the wheels regularly;

- Maintain your battery clean;

- Check Drive Belt regularly;

- Use lubricating oils;

- Storage your board correctly;

-  Take your trucks off the board first to preserve them in good shape and also, clean them regularly.

3 - Always use safety gear

I could say we’re tired of advertising riders to always use safety gear, but we will never talk about it enough, since this is the main reason that simple accidents involving Electric Skateboards, became serious ones for the lack of safety gear use.

What safety gear? Well, the first and most important one is using a HELMET. The main reason is to prevent head injuries. It has been established that wearing a helmet significantly reduces the risk of brain injury in low-impact collisions, which are more likely to happen when using an electric skateboard.

There are further items of equipment you can utilize to shield yourself from harm. We strongly advise that you put on safety gear, such as knee and elbow pads, as well as a sturdy pair of gloves. An additional layer of padding guards against getting road rash from slipping on sidewalks or paved surfaces.

Usually, when a person falls while riding an eSkate, the joints are the most common area to get injured, leading to bone breakage or dislocations. Pads are a way of minimizing the risk of such events.

4- Ride only on safe terrain and in good weather

Riders may encounter major challenges in the form of bumps, debris, and fissures, while riding. That’s why it is so important to previously know, or to check the terrain, before you ride in it. 

The route or direction of the board is changed each time you strike one of these. Higher speeds cause the course to change exponentially, occasionally to the point of swerving or even flipping. The best terrain is always level and smooth.

Another thing you should worry about when riding an Electric Skate is the weather, and also, the time of the day. When it’s raining or snowing, we don’t advise going out for a ride, because you would only be putting yourself in danger. Also, during the night, there is low lighting, which makes it hard to ride your e-board safely. 

5- Leave the tricks for later

If you are a beginner, you should first learn about your E-skate, get used to it and gain confidence while riding it. But, too much confidence, especially at first, is actually not a really good idea either.

That's the initial move and the wiser thing you could make while starting your journey into the world of e-boards, as well as when you obtain a new board. Electric skateboards come in a huge range of styles nowadays, each with unique construction details, operating mechanisms, and technical specifications.

Understanding your Eskate's materials, sizes, restrictions, battery, and remote... These are all prerequisites for you to build a rapport of trust with the board. This will enable you to make wiser choices when riding your electric skateboard.


Accidents and injuries occur when people ride Electric Skateboards carelessly on the road while there is traffic and other people around.

Another factor that makes the motorized skateboard unsafe is the presence of a powerful lithium battery within. Batteries have a tendency to deplete over time and, under some circumstances, can catch fire.

When someone claims that major injuries occur when using electric skateboards, they are not lying. The many accident types reported include head injuries, bruises, cuts, and road rash, fractures, bone breakage and joint dislocation.

It is clear from the foregoing discussion that using an electric skateboard demands a lot of patience and careful consideration of safety issues. You cannot complete the task or activity just for fun and without taking the essential precautions.

Wearing safety equipment is essential, and keeping an eye on outside conditions is helpful as well.

Are electric skateboards safe? The answer is yes, if you want a straight response. Nonetheless, the particular standards must be met for a safer experience.


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